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Skin Chairs by Studio 9191

Gigi Barker of Studio 9191 has created a collection of Skin Chairs and Stools that look, feel and even smell like human skin.


Aesop Rundle Street by Genesin Studio

   The latest Aesop shop in Adelaide is an airy and serene space that references back to the victorian building in which it is located.


Objects of Use Exhibition by Maria Bruun & Anne Dorthe Vester

Danish designer Maria Bruun and architect Anne Dorthe Vester have created a number of products that balance on the edge between art, architecture and design. They are currently being shown at Etage Projects under the title Objects of Use.


Tobi-Ishi Table by Barber & Osgerby for BeBitalia

There’s something very soft and organic, yet solid and strong about Barber & Osgerby‘s lounge table Tobi-Ishi for Italian manufacturer BeBitalia.


Hueso Restaurant by Cadena+Asociados

  Created inside a 1940’s architectural gem that used to house the studio of Diaz Morales, the restaurant Hueso has a sensible and tranquil atmosphere – even though all the walls are covered by a vast collection of bones!

Claire Lavabre - Reflet - Sofiliumm04

Reflets Mirror by Claire Lavabre

French designer Claire Lavabre‘s sensible project Reflets Mirror continues to impress.


Discus Lighting Collection by Jamie Gray for Matter-made

Jamie Gray of Matter-made has created a new lighting collection called Discus.


Menu launches Afteroom Coat Hanger

Swedish based Taiwanese designers Afteroom have created more products for danish design house Menu.


Embroidered Cushion by Nathalie Du Pasquier for WH

The renowned artist Nathalie Du Pasquier has created a collection of embroider black/white cushions for Wrong for Hay.


Infinite White Space by Doug Wheeler

American artist Doug Wheeler has created the installation D-N SF 12 PG VI in the courtyard of Venice’s Palazzo Grassi – an infinite space where white lighting removes the sense of depth and perspective.


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