Christmas Tree Sledge

Living in Scandinavia you’ll know what I’m talking about when I mention: left-over christmas trees and getting through masses of snow everywhere.

Tom Hatfield from the Royal College of Art has come up with a win-win solution and has turned christmas trees into sledges.

Made from discarded trees Hatfield found around London, the sledge was made using a traditional woodworking technique know as bodging, where wood is worked ‘green’, without drying or seasoning first. “This Sledge is made from Christmas trees found in on the streets of London. With roughly 1.7 million trees bought for this recent Christmas period, these two-week trees are just discarded every year. With snow in London becoming a more frequent occurrence, it seemed an appropriate item to use for the season. Using the primitive skills of a bodger, it opens up an inventive feeling of seeing the resources that are around us. People are not as resourceful as they once where. This sledge can give an excitement to a process that can give confidence that appeals to our creative side.”

Read more: Tom Hatfield

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