Elektra Bakery by Studioprototype

Good things come in small packages or should I rather say shops!  Greek based Studioprototype recently completed the renovation of a family operated bakery shop in Edessa,Greece. Studioprototype was given the opportunity by its principal to redefine the look of the Elektra Bakery shop chain with this as its pilot project.  The shop is based on a strategic location on the main pedestrian high street of Edessa, occupying only thirty-five square meters the architects where asked to redefine the program of the shop as well as its appearance.

Having to work with a narrow, linear floor plan a precise program and layout was developed.  Importance was given to the construction of a long rectangular Carrara Arabescato marble food and service counter which has been placed in the center of the linear floor plan to draw emphasis within the spatial arrangement of the bakery.  The same white Carrara marble with grey veins has been used to construct a seating bar adjacent to the window on one of the façades.  Natural light deluges through the large window openings to glow softly on the white interior; accents of black and brass add an elegant finish to this classy artisan shop.   Apart from the Carrara marble, very fine materials have been used such as cedar wood and brass which set the ideal conditions for the bakery products as these materials encourage “the rustic and artisan aspect of making bread.”

The tinted cedar wood boards have been used as exterior cladding on both facades; this permeates a sense of craftsmanship, as well as a homely environment despite its contemporary, elegant appearance.  The cedar wood is pierced on the longest façade by a black powder coated steel window box that projects outwards beyond the shops ‘crust’.  This is done so as to create extra seating space for customers who want to sit outside the bakery.

Furthermore, white rectangular Royal Mosa ceramic tiles dress the walls of this bakery while Tom Dixon’s black ‘beat’ pendant lights compliment this lovely interior.   European oak bread racks and bespoke counter and trolley bring out the traditional bakery environment. While carefully selected metal chairs by Xavier Pauchard on the main pedestrian walk of Edessa make a very traditional and refined overall atmosphere.

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