SB-Cuatro by BRUNNER Studio

SB-Cuatro is BRUNNER Studio‘s latest chair. It will be launched at the Stockholm Furniture Fair 8-13 Feb, 2011

It’s a contemporary interpretation of the classic Scandinavian timber chair and especially the materials leads one’s mind to the like of Hans Wegner or Børge Mogensen.

The chair is inspired by optical illusions and string art and has a very experimenting weave on the seat and back. Furthermore the chair is constructed so that all components meet in one central joint. This makes the chair look like it is almost floating mid-air without support.

SB-Cuatro is a modern dinning chair that has the same qualities of materials and joinery as some of the scandinavian classics, but adds a contemporary touch to any home or hospitality setting.

Read more: BRUNNER Studio

Read more: SB-Cuatro

One Response to “SB-Cuatro by BRUNNER Studio”
  1. ralund says:

    Beautiful beautiful modern chair. I’m looking forward to seeing the new design from Brunner. :)

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