Food & Design – Denmark Special 2011

I was just given this great Denmark Special 2011 Magazine on Food & Design yesterday! (Published by World Pictures)

Taste the New Nordic Kitchen! Traditionally we have been looking to the south when concerned with quality produce and gastronomy. But something’s cooking in the North right now, that’s worth noticing. FOOD & DESIGN is a special edition magazine, which has its focus on what’s happening on the danish gastronomy and design scene right now.

The New Nordic Kitchen has revolutionised our way of thinking of produce and gastronomy. In the span of no more than 10 years, the danish restaurants have achieved world class status. Latest being Noma entitled the best restaurant in the world by the publication “S. Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants.”

FOOD & DESIGN is the first publication in a series about nordic design and gastronomy from the danish publishers World Pictures in collaboration with the danish embassy in Paris.

The publication is an exciting read about the manifest behind The New Nordic Kitchen, the natural resources of the seasons, the headchef of Noma, the rediscovery of all the fresh produce that this region holds the key to and much more.

I believe the magazine can be bought at the Danish Design Center, CPH and Copenhagen Airport and a number of other up-to-date design magazine outlets around the world.

Read more: FOOD & DESIGN (World Pictures)

One Response to “Food & Design – Denmark Special 2011”
  1. hi

    A culinary revolution highlighting local foods and combating uniformity has been enhancing the Taste of Denmark over the past decade. The perspecitives of this trend are useful to everyone – in private households and catering kitchens alike. Nordic chefs use delicious tastes and environmental sustainability to combat unwholesome foods and obesity. At the same time, Danish designers continue to produce and develop furniture, tables and utensils which make any meal a holistic experience. Learn more about new Nordic Cuisine and be inspried by the ingredients, produce, restaurants and quality design for your dining experience.FOOD & DESIGN is a visual appetiser for what’s cooking in Denmark right now.

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