Spaces in Nature

With the sun beginning to peak out from behind the clouds, we start earning for the wild. Many projects with houses and studios being built in nature are beginning to pop up everywhere.

Here are 3 successful projects where a symbiotic relationship with the surroundings have been achieved.

Stockholm architects Mats Edlund, Henrietta Palmer and Matts Ingman have designed this timber cabin as part of a camping site in Hudiksvall, Sweden. Called Hölick Sea Resort, the site will have homes built of wood and glass using traditional Swedish methods.

Read more: Matts Ingman

This wood panelled house and studio in Nacka, Sweden, is by Swedish studio In Praise of Shadows. An ordinary single family house with a separate studio. The houses are situated between the forest and the former old garden. The materials are chosen with a simplicity and roughness for an active family; concrete floors, mdf kitchen, outside wood panel in black oil paint. Simple and sustainable Nordic.

Read more: In Praise of Shadows

New York studio MB Architecture have completed an art studio in the woods made of two steel shipping containers in Amagansett, New York. Called Container Studio, the structure features two containers positioned next to each other on a foundation wall, within which a basement has been created.

Read more: MB Architecture

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