73 Design Industry People + 33 Hours = A Rocking Bench

An old saying has it that “too many chefs spoil the food”, but a slightly different picture appeared when 73 people from the design industry got together on a forced 33 hour bus ride. When the ash cloud hit the aerospace during last year’s Milan Furniture Fair, people panicked about how to get home. 73 people from the swedish design industry including 3 manufacturers and 1 journalist got a hold of a bus to drive them back up through Europe and back to Sweden. Ahead was a 33 hour long bus ride!

One of the passengers architect Peter Ullstad of CoDesign, suggested a game of “design baton” to kill time, and soon 73 people had divided into small groups and a sketchbook was being passed around for sketching, brainstorming and developing some kind of piece of design. Many ideas were had and many ideas yet killed. In the end, a sort of rocking bench saw the light of dawn and it was an immediate success among the 73 passengers.

The prototype of this bench was exhibited at the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2011 last week under the name MilanoStockholm. As a collaboration between 2 of the manufacturers who were on the same bus, Källemo and Gärsnäs have produced the prototype together with Peter Ullstad and both manufacturers are planning to put the bench in their collections in the future. As there is an extensive list of designers behind the product (which means a lot of royalty-holders), it was decided that all money earned on the rocking bench, goes straight back into the project and other future projects alike.

People onboard the bus/ the designers:

Peter Ullstad, Kolbrún Leosdóttir, Anna Leckström, Jimmie Schönning, Rafael Sady, Daniel Nyström, Christian Persia, Fredrik Färg, Kenny Grönroos, Patrik Folke, Josef Marnell, Charlie Styrbjörn Nilsson, Anton Björsing, Hanna Larsson, Erik Lith, Ellen Edvall, Heidi Eklund, Allan Foss, Therese Glimskär, Erika Vegerfors, Emma Marga Blanche, Anna Klockby, Susanne Lorentz, Erik Lundh, Johan Lindau, Ago Kubar

Read more: MilanoStockholm

Read more: Peter Ullstad / CoDesign

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