Mikkeller Beer Bar in Copenhagen

There I am trawling through my daily fix of blogs, when I stumble upon a post on the fabulous gourmet beer bar Mikkeller Bar in Copenhagen on Decor8! Need I say that I’m deeply embarrassed to having not had blogged about this bar before. It’s an absolute favourite hang-out in my local area Vesterbro in Copenhagen.

Danish Mikkeller is one of the world’s best microbreweries known for experimental brewing and they recently teamed up with Danish design agency Femmes Regionales to create an elegant, charming spot to socialize and grab a beer in the center of Copenhagen.

“We found the contrast between the classical pub interior and something more modern really interesting,” says Caroline Hansen, one of the founders of Femmes Regionales.

The bar is a casual, quirky and yet sophisticated space with wooden tables and benches, a shiny wall of black tiles and gold details found in lighting and hardware. They wanted to make the setting a bit tranquil so the crowds that it draws would chill out vs. bang their fists on tables and behave like your typical sports fans that you find in most pubs. “We like to demand something from our audience – beauty generates beauty”, Caroline explains. This pub is one posh place to grab a glass of ale! We need this in my city of Hannover! I love the fresh green and yellow accents, definitely not what I’d expect to see in a pub and is a very refreshing change for sure.

The story behind Mikkeller is the story about 2 home-brewers who in few years went from hobby-brewing in their kitchen to international recognition.

Nowadays Mikkeller is run by Mikkel Borg Bjergsø, who since summer 2007 has been heading the business alone. Mikkel is a nomade brewer – he rents his way into various breweries in Denmark and Europe as well as in the USA, to gain the best conditions for each brew.


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