En Selle Marcel – Luxury Bicycle Lifestyle Concept Store in Paris

We all know what a bike is.  We know how it looks, we know how to ride one (or could easily figure it out) and we remember the first time we took our first ride without training wheels; when the person holding the seat to steady our ride first let go.  True happiness.  Bliss.   Hold that thought.”

We’d like to introduce you the first ever Luxury Bicycle Lifestyle Concept Store in Paris – En Selle Marcel.  This is not your typical “bike shop” of rows and rows of bikes, odd smells and a hustling salesman interrupting your experience (or lack thereof).  This is an experience all its own.  It forces you to look at the details, to bring back memories of joy and perhaps envision yourself indulging in luxury riding the urban fabric. Located near the historical Montorgeuil street near Etienne Marcel (34 rue du Grenier Saint-Lazare – 75003 Paris);  En Selle Marcel is committed to crafting superior bicycles and timeless vintage accessories.   These luxury bicycles are distinct on the city street; riders of En Selle Marcel bicycles are a class above the average commuter.

The beauty is present in the details; shiny chrome wraps the sculpted equipment while creating functional devices.  Bold red tubing connects handlebars, a seat and tires to create a unified composition.  Thin wires radiate between the rubber tires, again for function, but in this creation it is accentuating the detailing.  One bold orange reflector appears as a beauty mark on this stunning sculpture.

There is nothing simple about this bicycle; that’s what makes it such an eye catching piece.  Tubular connections are defined with sharp details; overlaps and reveals.  Layer upon layer, this bike has been constructed.  Cable wire connected through bolts, screws, anchors and more; everything is left exposed.  The classic designed handlebars are in the same flavor as the bike; exposed chrome is intentionally left visible at one particular location while the remaining segments are carefully wrapped in what we would assume to be white leather.

En Selle Marcel is the escaping location for uber cosmopolitans who are truly passionated about beautifully designed bicycles and unique vintage cycling objects including limited editions (50’s and 70’s) from RALEIGHPEUGEOTALCION but also special collaborations with BROOKSABICIPANTONE to name a few.

If you haven’t cruised on a bike since your childhood years, we suggest you don’t just take any bike our on the street, but for a journey all its own, it must be a bike from En Selle Marcel. Experience true bliss.

Story from: Yatzer

Read more: En Selle Marcel



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