Frost Chair by FurnID

Frost – a futuristic lounge chair with classical references designed by Danish designers FurnID was launched at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2011.

Inspired by the lines and formations that rise when the wind gently blows through the just fallen snow, they have created a new lounge chair. A chair that visualizes the beauty and the organic shapes of a snowdrift.

Frost is a lounge chair that doesn’t compromise design or functionality. The organic form and the fact that all lines are joined gives Frost a very strong and graphic look.

Despite the futuristic expression, Frost has obvious references to the classics of the 40’s and 50’s. The recognized designer Finn Juhl is a great inspiration to FurnID, and with its sculptural simplicity and flawless elegance Frost could make a perfect match posing together with older design classics.

Frost is characterized by a padded shell carried by turned wooden legs that come in various sorts. This gives the chair a harmonic and well-balanced look.

Frost lounge chair is produced by STOUBY Furniture and is available at leading furniture houses.

Read more: FurnID

Read more: Stouby



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