Mindcraft11 at Salone del Mobile Milan

This year, MINDCRAFT11 highlights the core values of Danish craft and design. Values that Danish design is and always has been famous for: high quality, practical value and sublime craftsmanship. In MINDCRAFT11, a new generation of Danish craftspeople interpret and challenge these traditional values in a manner that is intelligent, playful and serious.

A certain downplayed quality is an essential feature in the exhibition. Works that do not, at first glance, draw much attention to themselves, but which nevertheless represent craft and design of the highest artistic quality and craftsmanship. Combined with a primordial experimental drive, innovation and sophisticated technology the selection illustrates the impressive range and unique power of Danish design. The diversity is manifest in the eleven works on display in the exhibition. From expressive one-offs and innovative prototypes to smaller series of utilitarian objects in glass and ceramics.

The MINDCRAFT exhibitions have always had a conceptual content. This year, the emphasis is on quality, function and material properties.

“In the Nordic region we have been renowned for outstanding practical value, visual humility, an exquisite sense of materials as well as pure and simple aesthetics. Now that the era of abundance is drawing to a close, perhaps we’ll be able to rediscover and cultivate some of the basic values in our work”, says esteemed Danish designer Cecilie Manz, curator for MINDCRAFT11.

The participating designers and craftspeople are:

BEN AND SEBASTIAN, Artists and designers


THOMAS BENTZEN, Furniture Designer

LINE DEPPING, Furniture Designer

GAM FRATESI, Furniture Designers


ESKE REX, Designer and artist

LOUISE SASS, Textile Designer



TORA URUP, Glass artist

13 world-class craftspeople and 11 brand-new creations. Ceramics, glass, textile, furniture and a sculptural drawing machine. The best of modern Danish craft and design. This is back to basics, it’s quality, function and an emphasis on materials. It is the essence of Danish craft and design and the substance of Danish Crafts’ exhibition MINDCRAFT11.

Time and place: Ventura Lambrate on 12-17 April 2011.

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