New Fragrance from Lacoste

The new fragrance from Lacoste is neither innovative nor groundbreaking. However it is just right.

The new fragrance puts the embroidered logo on the bottle in the position it would occupy on the chest of their shirts. It has a tactile debossing on the sides that provides grip, but also references those originals shirts’ patina. And, in the duty free billboards, the packs are shown pushing through the shirt fabric (no generic hunky model required).

The fragrance comes in tennis white (called ‘Pure’), crocodile green and azure blue – the colours Lacoste typically leads with. In other words, the brand has done nothing clever with this ‘classic’ representation of themselves. And that’s the genius – the strength to celebrate what makes them great, rather than trowel on some new ‘contemporary’ interpretation. To paraphrase that really annoying Patek Philippe watch campaign, as brand managers and agencies we never actually own iconic brands – we just look after them for the next generation.

This behaviour of being a responsible custodian is easier said than done, as every brand manager and creative head wants to ‘make their mark’ and add their own voice to the brand they manage. It takes real balls, a real commitment to what is good for the brand, to add less, not more. Congratulations, Lacoste, for being authentic (predictable even), rather than clever. And I wonder, did they take inspiration from the relatively recent simplification of Coke’s packaging, which by getting back to basics has provided a springboard to contemporary expressions such as the aluminum bottle?

Story from: JKR

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