Cabinet Bestiarium at Vertigo Bird

While hiking the streets of Zona Tortona during the Milan Design Week, one comes across a few gems among the masses of shows and exhibitions. One of these was the Slovenian lighting brand Vertigo Bird who were presenting new lamps by designers including Mathias Hahn, Uli Budde and A + A Cooren. Firtsly the actual lamps where very exciting and fits well with the slightly organic and humorous look, that seems to popular at the moment. And secondly the actual display cabinets made the whole experience fulfilled, which only happens at very few of the shows. Walking into the exhibition felt like walking into a different world of fantasy animals and wild jungles.

Called Cabinet Bestiarium, the show presents the new collection in wooden cages with cut-out flora and fauna designed by Ljubljana studios Bevk Perovic Arhitekti and graphic designers Luks Lab.

Hahn’s design, called Jinn, is based on the form of an oil or gas lamp, while Uli Budde’s Balloon design reflects light off a plate ballooning out of it’s cylindrical base.

A + A Cooren’s Hippo lamp can be angled by changing the position of the shade on its magnetic base.

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