Nika Zupanc at Rossana Orlandi

Back in Milan, back with elements to confuse and conquer. This year slovenian Nika Zupanc returns to the design capital focused on distractions of all sorts, presenting an installation that elevates her insightful citations of everyday objects to a painfully new level. The installation is titled Selfdiscipline and is being launched at Spazio Rossana Orlandi, Via Matteo Bandello 14/16, on April 12th .

The installation consist of a desk, task chair and cabinet made from the technique of filing folders and accordions. This means the chair sinks underneath you and the cabinet opens by pulling the “pages” apart. Furthermore Nika exhibits a gorgeous lighting range that leeds ones thoughts to arab lanterns.

From her website: “Nika Zupanc traditionally makes careful selections of her themes and forms. With them she offers an unwelcome look at the predominately male furniture-design market, where all the aspiration is poured into the technical, rational, sober, and utilitarian, as opposed to the intuitive, eclectic, vain, and hysterical. To accomplish this Nika Zupanc uses her poetic judgment, inner battles with stereotypes, and long-lasting affairs with technologies. She mindfully explores the limits of the industry when it comes to emotional effect and the juxtaposition of materials.

With her newest installation, the visitor gains insight into a kind of modern paradisus claustralis. If Sylvia Plath once found the worst enemy to creativity in self-doubt, Nika Zupanc is here to question selfdiscipline or the lack of it. Flirting with monastic asceticism, the installation of a chandelier, desk, and chair provokes the thoughts on today’s key values, needs, habits, and the minimalism of life choices we are able to choose from. All of the items are therefore designed with an afterthought, made from durable materials, bearing in themselves the possibility that an object could survive us all.”

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