Gentry by Patricia Urquiola for Moroso

Patricia Urquiola has designed the new sofa Gentry for Moroso. It was launched last week in Milan.

Moroso explains “Gentry is the fruit of a study of sober, orderly comfort, a snug shape with a hint of distortion, an arching which interrupts the orthogonality of the lines. The large, independent seat and backrest cushions can be arranged for sitting comfortably in a conventional position or with a more relaxed posture while stretching out to relax or for reading. A thin shell raised on simple supports embraces and contains them, creating the ideal balance of linear precision and flexible forms. The side-element units fix onto the backrests, making it easy to create modular arrangements.
The upholstery in no way alters its poise but enables an interplay of surfaces which changes its look but not its personality: the timeless elegance of leather, the sober informality of linen, the amusing alternative of chunky knitted quilted fabric.”

Read more: Moroso


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