Viennese Pot by Thomas Feichtner


I found this little gem in Zona Tortona during Milan Design week. Viennese Pot by Thomas Feichtner.

From the designer: “The design of the Viennese Pot does not go back to the tradition of the Vienna Silver. The Pot is a closed, integrative body. Its shape is not vertical and upright but appears rather squat and dynamically stretched. The tapered spout seems to almost make the teapot tip over, but the handle made of Swiss pine provides counterbalance. The sophisticated handle is a continuation of two surfaces and allows perfect one-handed pouring. The tapering spout allows pouring without spilling. The Viennese Pot is defined by edges which have no effect of heaviness but of lively dynamism. The manufacturer of the Viennese PotWiener Silber Manufactur, still manufactures teapots based on designs by Josef Hoffmann and Otto Prutscher, two of the greatest designers of the Wiener Werkstätte around 1900. Juxtaposing this tradition with a contemporary design for which the same manufacturing methods were used is extremely inspiring.”

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Read more: Wiener Silber Manufactur

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