Concept Shop Baerck by llot llov

Design studio llot llov has designed the interior for new concept shop Baerck in Berlin.

When creating the concept for Baerck’s interior, llot llov drew from the existing open architecture of the original space. In order to support a pure and simple aesthetic, the wood used in the building process was left natural and combined with white surfaces and mirrors; aiming to create a light and elegant atmosphere. The mobility of the modules is an essential part of the design concept, inspired by various vehicles of different decades and enabling a regular change in terms of store layout over time. The idea is that these vehicles transport the chosen items to Baerck in Berlin. Each module is lead by a different inspiration, for example a droshky, an old Ford or an old truck, and the style of the different items on sale are supported by the look of furniture.

Fashion and accessories are presented on the ground floor, whilst an airy stairway leads down into the basement to furniture, life-style and interior products by llot llov and their friends.

Since 2005, the owners of have been part of the local shop scene in Berlin Mitte; the first step was their founding of llot llov in Steinstrasse 5; an office community for creative development.

The space in Steinstrasse offered the possibility to be used as a showroom and shop as well as a workspace, so the following year, two of the team went on to open “Fourstore” in Mullackstrasse 12, selling both a number of labels and their own brand ‘NIA’.

With the addition of a third party from their llot llov design studio, their shop concept developed further and has now opened its doors as ‘Baerck’.

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Photos by: Vera Hofmann

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