Free Port Cabinet by Martí Guixé for BD Barcelona

Spanish revolutionary ‘anti-designer’ Martí Guixé, famous for his dislike of any form of creative categorisation, has designed this modular ‘Free Port’ cabinet for BD Barcelona. The design was presented at this year’s Salone Internazionale del Mobile and is Guixé’s first creation for the Spanish manufacturer.

Constructed from multiple MDF modules of varying sizes and finishes, the design was commissioned by BD Barcelona to form a part of their ever-growing cabinet collection, which also includes the ‘Multileg’ cabinet by Madrid-born Jaime Hayon and the intricate ‘Tout va bien’ design by the French graphic artists Antoine et Manuel.

Describing his multifunctional design, Guixé explains: ’It is a modular piece of furniture made of container cubes, with various functions. They have a dynamic both in their volume and in their position and finish. The woods, all different and all synthetic, are always on the inside.’

Read more: BD Barcelona

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