Clerkenwell Design Week: Pinch New Collection

Pinch is a UK based furniture company founded in 2004 by husband and wife team Russell Pinch and Oona Bannon. All their furniture are made by local carpenters which insures quality and flexibility. They will be showing their new collection from Milan, in next week’s Clerkenwell Design Week in London in the gorgeous Farmaloe Building, 34 St John’s Street.

“Our approach to design combines a keen appreciation of artistic lines and form, absolute attention to detail and sensitivity to materials. These combined qualities lend our creations integrity and artistic elegance in equal measure,” explains the couple.

“Our pieces are made by hand and to order, and we have worked hard to locate and employ the best quality makers here in the UK.  We believe in using local, making to need, and offering bespoke flexibility wherever possible to ensure our clients commission pieces that really deliver both on function and aesthetic.”

Russell Pinch also designs for a number of other retailers and brands including SCP, Ercol, Conran and Jamie Oliver’s JME home-ware range.

Read more: Pinch

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