Licor Cafe Set By Tomas Alonso



Beautifully formed decanter and set of glasses by London based designer Tomás Alonso.

Not only is this a carefully thought-out piece in terms of its variety of shapes, but it’s also been designed with love since Alonso created it to contain and share ‘Cafe Licor‘ – a special beverage that his dad has been making for many years.

Made with care at home by Enrique Alonso in Vigo, Spain, Cafe Licor is a traditional recipe from Galicia in the North West of the country which contains Orujo, coffee beans and sugar.

Orujo, also known as Aguardiente (literally ‘burning water’) is still made locally in many villages of the region and it is obtained from the distillation of the pomace of grapes – over 50% alcohol.

Enrique’s potent coffee is intended to be served cold from this bottle and Tomás also made five glasses to serve five friends around a table.

Each friend can pick the glass of their choice, but none of them have to worry – each glass holds exactly the same quantity despite their varying shapes.

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