Story Lights by VS Design Studio & Noemi Vidal



Pretty pendants made of porcelain with imprints of traditional Norwegian patterns used in knitting, the ‘Story’ light tells of the contrast between the harsh cold winters in Norway and the warmth of the home. The lamps are designed and made by VS design studio and Ida Noemi Vidal.

From the designer’s website:

“Once upon a time there was a porcelain lamp called Story. Born in Norway between high mountains and deep fjords, it dreamed of lighting up small wooden houses in the dark forests. With a translucent pattern depicting Norwegian traditions, it warmed the hearts of the travelers it met on its journey.”

Studio Vibeke Skar and Ida Noemi Vidal have made a lamp that is telling a story about the Norwegian traditions and way of living, the contrast between the cold winter weather and warm clothing and homes. Story draws inspiration from the fact of going backwards to go forwards, it sheds a new light upon traditional Norwegian knitting patterns on woolen sweaters and gives a new and softer expression to the cold and hard porcelain surface.

Story has an elegant appearance with its characteristic curves. The decoration plays with the texture and translucency on the unglazed porcelain surface and the pendant expresses a calm and comfy atmosphere. It can by itself, in rows or in clusters over your kitchen table, dining table or where ever you’d like to hang it.”

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