The Accordion Collection by Elisa Strozyk

German textile and product designer Elisa Strozyk presented the Accordion Collection at the Salone Satellite in Milan. Elisa works with manipulating wood materials into tactile surfaces which is just stunning.

The Accordion Cabinet is a collaboration between Strozyk and artist Sebastian Neeb. It is a simple framework to start; cabinet shelving sitting upon slender wooden legs.  The beauty is seen in its complexity- the simple base is supporting a beautiful framework of flexible wooden fabric – the accordion-like lungs of the work.  This element serves as both a functional door to hide and contain the objects within and an ever-changing sculptural form.  As you open and close the accordion doors, the object evolves with you.  Such a complex form is complemented by tall slender legs; quite appropriate for the angular shape and multi-dimensional body of work they support.

Read more: Elisa Strozyk


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