Zimoun – The Magician of Spatial Sound Installations

It is amazing the way Zimoun, a young artist from Switzerland, uses sound in order to create magic. In his installations sound is used as an architectural element, it defines space and it makes the spectator be a part of a totally unique experience.Zimoun is a big sound lover, passionate about exploring its possibilities. In this quest he uses simple elements (cardboard boxes, cotton balls, plastic bags, filler wire, motors and ventilators) that when combined in the correct way they form an original orchestra of sounds. These sounds all at once define space, interacting with it as well as with the spectator. The final result is a bunch of kinetic installations that form their proper universe and almost seem alive!

Zimoun was born in Bern, Switzerland, and since a small kid he felt a unique love for sound. This passion was constantly growing inside him and led him become a sound explorer. Zimoun is an autodidact artist turned to a sound architect, in the sense that his creations, as he says, can be explored like buildings. His love for simplicity make his works stay focused to what really matters, avoiding the easy path to surprise his audience with cheap tricks. Zimoun’s installations, with their minimal aesthetics and elegance, have earned him international acclaim and for the next year he will show his work in several exhibitions in the U.S.A, Germany, France, Poland, China and Switzerland.

A side project of Zimoun’s is Leerraum [ ] which he founded in 2003 with the collaboration of graphic designer Marc BeekhuisLeerraum [ ] is publishing small editions of cds, dvds and objects, and is also presenting sound installations, exhibitions and events in collaboration with its artists. As they say, it has become a platform for creative exchange among those who explore forms and structures based on reductive principles and careful, yet radical, use of materials.

Story from: Yatzer

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2 Responses to “Zimoun – The Magician of Spatial Sound Installations”
  1. Jaqua says:

    mind blowing!!!

  2. Petra W. says:

    Absolutely fantastic work! Brilliant!

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