Chouchin Pendant Light by Ionna Vautrin for Foscarini

Following her previous design for Foscarini, the young French designer Ionna Vautrin has recently created this elegant, glossy pendant light called Chouchin. Taking its name from the traditional Japanese paper lantern, the design is Vautrin’s contemporary reinterpretation of this ‘ethereal, poetic and almost magical object’. The lamp is available in three various sizes, each of them in a different earthy hue: orange, grey or olive green, and its modern form has been ‘obtained through a single blowing process.

From the manufacturer: ‘Chouchin is both welcoming and warm. It speaks a young, fresh, language that perfectly combines tradition and modernity. The varnish, which makes the body completely impermeable to light and extremely glossy, ends where the white collar begins. Thus, when the lamp is lit, it illuminates with a soft, warm glow, while an intense, direct beam of light falls on the surface below. ‘

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