Capriole by Iris Van Herpen

Usually it’s only the established couture houses that show at the Paris Couture show. But this year for the Fall-Winter 2011-12 new blood was invited in to stir up the conservative parisian scene. One of the new-comers was Iris Van Herpen, who’s collection Capriole simply thrills our little textile hearts! The craftmanship, creative exploration and use of unusual materials are stunning.

Iris Van Herpen, age 27 was born in Netherlands.  She graduated from the prominent fashion school ARTEZ (Arnhem) with a Fashion Design degree and then carried out internships with Claudy Jongstra and Alexander McQueen – of whom the influences are apparent in her style and techniques.  Her creational distinction is that she manages to create a unique type of couture that combines the qualities of hand-worked materials with the sublime effects of digital technology. In her latest collection Capriole, the designer presented five architectural looks, which she developed using this combined technique.

articularly, she worked with the architect Isaie Bloch and MGX in making 3D prints, which were then mixed with fabric materials producing this startling result. The essence of Iris Van Herpen’s work relies upon her need to highlight the contradiction between beauty and regeneration. It makes her unique way to express the human individuality.

Read more: Iris van Herpen

Story from: Yatzer


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