Tokyobike Pop-Up Shop, London

It’s no secret that the bicycle-craze has hit London at last. Bike shops, bike cafes and bike events are everywhere to be seen and latest the Tokyobike pop-up shop in London’s east end. The shop is only set to last for the summer before they open their more established showroom in september in Angel/Islington.

At just 10kg, the ‘tokyobike’, to be sold in the pop-up stores, is a lightweight town bike and comes in a variety of styles, sizes, colours and shades. the frames are made of CR-MO (chrome molybdenum) steel which is stronger and more flexible than aluminium and gives a more comfortable ride and a longer lasting frame. the bike’s compact, straight handlebars have also been designed to allow for greater command of both the road and the bike, making it ideal for scooting around town. meanwhile, its 650 mm wheels – slightly smaller and thinner than standard road bikes – have also been specifically manufactured for speedy acceleration and easy manoeuvres.

Read more: Tokyobike


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