All About London – Loveubaby Magazine

I’ve just received the first issue of underground and london-made magazine Loveubaby. Many digital magazines are launching these days, as it’s a simple and cost free media, however this one seems to be of proper quality with articles, illustration, photoshoots and focus on young up-and-coming creative individuals. Behind the magazine stands Simina Turcu and Anna Katrine Olesen as the leading forces, with help from a group of talented graphic designers. Definitely worth a flick!

The creators explains, “Loveubaby is a new online fashion, lifestyle and art magazine, A magazine with atmosphere!”

Read more: Loveubaby

2 Responses to “All About London – Loveubaby Magazine”
  1. ralund says:

    Its funny how I can recognize almost all of the gorgeous stuff from the Sofie Brunner-page! Very nice style! :)

  2. Thanks for the feature! Love U Baby loves you! X

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