All About London – St John Hotel


The St John restaurants are close to an institution in London, with the Smithfield and Spitalfield restaurants being a must-go for any visiting foodie. Recently Fergus Henderson, the chef behind the establishment, opened the St John Hotel in SoHo, changing his famous catchphrase “Nose-to-tail eating” to the new  “From table to bed“.

The hotel has taken over the site of the even more famous institution “Manzy’s – Famous Seafood Restaurant” that had been there for the last 60 years. You can still see the remains on the building facade where signage saying “Langouste, Huiles and Moules” remains as a nod to history.

The hotel holds a restaurant on the ground floor, a bar on the 1st floor and some 17 rooms. Besides the restaurant, all floors are made from rubber and each floor has a different shade of green, as if you were travelling through the layers of a lake. The rooms are divided into 3 categories; the mini-grand, the long room and the post-supper rooms – the last one being for customers that simply just had too good an evening and decide to take the lift upstairs and crash for the night.

The mini bars in the rooms are proper treats with the best from local breweries, juice farms and homemade lemonades. However a single bar of toblerone is to be found on a shelf among all the other delicacies. Fergus explains this with that after you’ve had such a treat downstairs, you simply have to have something awful to balance it out!

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