All About London – LEGO Greenhouse by Sebastian Bergne


LEGO has commissioned Sebastian Bergne to create a public installation using their iconic bricks as part of the London Design Festival 2011.

The LEGO Greenhouse is a functioning greenhouse built entirely from LEGO; the walls, the floors, even the earth is LEGO. The plants and vegetables growing inside are however, entirely real.

Covent Garden has previously hosted some of the more exciting cultural content in London. Says Bergne “From partnerships with Tate Modern and Somerset House to exhibitions from the likes of Sam Taylor Wood and Banksy, the area is firmly on the design trail and has a long history with the London Design Festival.”

Bergne’s LEGO creation uses the iconic bricks to demonstrate the possibilities of LEGO in a public space and was inspired by Covent Garden’s design heritage and cultural history.

About the greenhouse itself says Bergne, “Its pitched roof references reflect the architecture that surrounds it, while the plants inside bring nature back to this area once famous for its garden trade. In daylight, the structure looks very much like an ordinary suburban greenhouse dropped into a new environment. Yet at night, it assumes another character entirely. It is transformed into a magical box, glowing and lit it seems, by the life of the plants it contains.”

The large-scale installation will be on display in the North Piazza of Covent Garden from September 15th to 25th, 2011.

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