All About London – Princi Bakery

Originally a milanese concept, Princi in SoHo is a beautiful, raw yet elegant and delicious bakery. The shop is open from early morning till late night and stone baked sour-bread is baked all day together with cakes, pizza slices and other various delicacies for lunch and dinner.

Rocco Princi, supposedly the “Armani of bread”, created the first Princi panetteria, or bakery, in Milan in 1985. There are now four, including two designed by Claudio Silvestrin, who is Milanese by origin although now living in London. Silvestrin is a thrilling minimalist. He likes to invoke the elements — air, fire, water, stone — and uses massive chunks of noble materials — limestone, marble, granite, porphyry, bronze — in designs of wonderful clarity, severity and repose. His style works especially well with the making and consumption of food as another essential of life.

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