La Tonnelle Restaurant at Vinorama, Switzerland.

The architectural concept of La Tonnelle at the Vinorama building, Rivaz, Switzerland is original as well as respectful of the environment, and is perfectly integrated among its rehabilitated natural site, just next to a magnificent cascade.Made by architectural studio Atelier Daniel Schlaepfer, the facade consists of approximately 6,000 metal parts that make up a pattern of vine leaves. From inside the building, the pattern is seen in negative.

Inside, a warm greeting in a room that presents nearby 200 “crus” of the vineyard, from which, each week, are selected 8 to be tasted at the bar. Further on the “Tasting space” allows a self discovery of wines of your choice, through a modern and automatic style. Followed by a high tech projection room, which gives a lively experience of a whole year in the vineyard of Lavaux. A film with startling sights, also reflecting the authentic characters of the vineyards artisans, all of this in a choice of 8 languages. Finally, a conference room where gastronomical and many other events are available.

Photography by Thomas Jantscher.

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