Superheroes by Glimpt

These stools by Swedish designers Glimpt are made in Vietnam from rolls of seagrass, bound with the thread that’s normally used to make hammocks. The manufacturers usually produce small bowls made of sea grass fixed with thread, so Glimpt scaled up the process. Called Superheroes, the collection was developed with Vietnamese furniture company UMA. The coloured patterns were created by Swedish illustrator Malin Koort.

The designers explain, “Superheroes is a series of stools with rolls of seagrass fixed with hammock thread. After South Africa we felt inspired to continue working and cooperating with craftsmen in other countries. The idea of going to Vietnam started taking shape, and eventually we established contact with UMA, a Vietnamese furniture company. 

A necessary and important source of influence is both the country and the culture. That is why we want to travel without any final ideas and through visiting different craftsmen find inspiration for our work. Via UMA we got into contact with seagrass and plastic weavers in Ho Chi Minh City in southern Vietnam. They usually make small bowls with paperthread fixed around rolls of seagrass. After spending some time with the weavers and rethinking our first ideas, we realised that we could scale up the dimensions of the rolls. And having seen people in the streets selling hammocks made out of colourful thread we found the right combination. 

Since the Vietnamese weavers copied a lot of African patterns in their work, we didn ́t want to use that. Instead we worked together with Swedish illustrator Malin Koort, who helped us develop the patterns for the series. After some time we came up with the series called Superheroes. A lounge concept merging Vietnamese crafts and Scandinavian design.”

The pieces can now be ordered from Vietnam, just contact UMA.

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