Copenhagen Design Week – Think Design Exhibition

The exhibition Think Design takes place during the annual Copenhagen Design Week 1-6 September 2011 and shows experimental designs from danish design and architecture students.

Curated by architect Tina Midtgaard and architect Karen Kjaergaard, the exhibition is divided into 3 areas – each area holding a recent project from the following schools: Moving Textiles by The Danish Design School, One Chair a Week by The School of Architecture and Design Parasites by Kolding School of Design. 

Moving Textiles:

Moving Textiles is a small exhibition showing new playful ways of using textiles within furniture: Students from The Danish Design School each give their individual bid on the modern upholstered furniture, where experiments meet comfort and free play sessions meet known techniques. The dogma behind the project was that the padding should dictate the future shape of the chair rather being something that was put on when the shape was created.

The project was shown for the first time at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2011 – where FRAME Magazine covered the exhibition.

Read more: The Danish Design School

One Chair a Week:

The One Chair a Week exhibition with students from The School of Architecture, shows the project where each student builds one full-scale chair every week. Materials are fixed in each weekly loop.

Aim: An object-centered, form-driven, individual and materially concrete study with focus on constructive syntax. The study is open to insights that become embodied, concrete knowledge rather than detached, abstract information.

Read more: The School of Architecture

Design Parasites:

What happens when students attack a world famous chair? Come and see Arne Jacobsen’s chair, the “7” series, exposed to an attack of parasites by Kolding School of Design. Chairs are sponsored by Fritz Hansen.

Read more: Kolding School of Design

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