Delicate Interference: Assemblage 3 by Faye Toogood

This is the third collection of furniture by London designer Faye Toogood, this time exploring iridescent materials, on show at Phillips de Pury & Company in London this week.

Working in bronze, aluminium, steel, glass and resin, Toogood has designed a bird cage, lighting, candelabra and armoured bench that refract and reflect light to create shifting optical effects. The collection also includes new versions of her Elements Table and Spade Chair, which both featured in her country-inspired Super Natural presentation in London last September and the more sinister Natura Morta show in Milan.

Delicate Interference: Assemblage 3 is on show at Phillips de Pury & Company at Claridge’s, 45-47 Brook Street, London W1 until 4 October.

From Phillips de Pury & Company, “The series examines iridescence as a natural optical force through new and re-contextualised works in bronze, aluminium, steel, glass and resin. By a touch of alchemy she uses man-made materials to create a natural phenomenon, mimicking nature’s ability to attract and protect through the refraction of light.”

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