Melbourne based Zuster Furniture

Zuster is a Melbourne-based Australian furniture brand, operated by four sisters with Dutch heritage, hence the name Zuster, Dutch for “sister.”

The sisters are all directly involved, contributing different strengths: Wilhelmina McCarroll is the designer, Meika Behrendorff handles sales and events, Katrina Myers is in charge of manufacturing and logistics, and Fleur Bouw management. As daughters of Melbourne craftsman and homebuilder, Meyer Sibbel, the sisters come to the Dutch design sensibility, European style and impeccable craftsmanship by blood.

For the past 15 years, the Zuster sisters have created hand-made, bespoke, contemporary European wooden furniture for both residential and commercial clients. The clean lines, perfect detailing, purity of design and focus on the qualities of wood make their furniture timeless and adaptable to changing requirements and environments.

The craftsman’s obsessive attention to detail is reflected in each piece: subtle shadow lines, seamless timber butterfly handles, carefully matched grains that showcase the wood and work with the proportions of the piece.

There’s also folkloric whimsy in some of the turned-wood pieces, especially in the stout little side tables that look like squat candlesticks, and in the tall, spindly candlestick-like corners of an otherwise clean-lined bed. Both items are part of Zuster’s newest collection, Sabrina.

Read more: Zuster

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