Cargo Chair By Benjamin Hubert


Benjamin Hubert recently launched the Cargo Chair, manufactured by portuguese brand De La Espada.

The chair is made from tensioned automotive leather strapped over a solid ash timber frame. This also makes it easier if the chair is to be exposed, as the materials can be completely divided and recycled.

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3 Responses to “Cargo Chair By Benjamin Hubert”
  1. juliette says:

    Where can this chair be purchased in new york? How much is it?

    • sofiliumm says:

      Benjamin Huberts has made the chair for the portuguese furniture label De La Espada. I believe they have a shop in New York on the following address:
      De La Espada Store
      33 Greene Street
      New York, NY 10013
      t. +1 212 625 1039

      Good luck!

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