Designers & Cabinetmakers Unite at the SE-Exhibition in Copenhagen

The annual SE-Exhibition has just opened at the Design Museum Denmark in Copenhagen and is showcasing danish cabinetmakers and designers in collaboration. The result is a varied and exciting mixture of furniture pieces. Some are pretty much ready for production, while others are more about the experiment and inspiration.

SE (Snedkernes Efterårsudstilling) stands for the Cabinetmakers’ Autumn Exhibition, and has been running for 30 years this year. Many danish designers showed some of their first pieces here – one of the reasons that the exhibition’s always attracted attention and continuous success.

This year’s exhibitors include : Andreas Lund, Carlo Volf MDD, Cecilie Manz, Christina Liljenberg Halstrøm, Claus Landry Bjerre, Dogg Gudmundsdottir MDD, Hanne Vedel, Hannes Stephensen, Hans Sandgren Jakobsen, ISKOS-BERLIN, Jakob Jørgensen, Jeremy Walton, Karen Kjærgaard, Line Depping, Lise og Hans Isbrand, Louise Campbell, Lovorika Banovic, Mia Gammelgaard, Niels Gammelgaard, Niels Hvass, Niels Jørgen Haugesen, Peter Johansen, Poul Christiansen, Rud Thygesen, Steen Dueholm Sehested, Sussi B. Osmark, Søren Holst, Søren Ulrik Petersen, Thomas Bentzen, Thomas E. Alken MDD, Torben Bay, Torben Skov, Troels Grum-Schwensen, benandsebastian, Henrik Sørig Thomsen, Kristian Lindhardt Nørhave, Monique Engelund, Ole Schjøll, Philip Bro Ludvigsen & Rasmus Halfdan Breck and Ralph van der Made.

Read more: SE 

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