Ryan Mc Elhinney’s Salon for Adee Phelan

Ryan Mc Elhinney has created a new hair salon for celebrity hairdresser Adee Phelan. This is a true blissful example  of the right ingredients at the right time and a genuine mix of design elegance and intuitive risk taking.

When celebrity hairdresser Adee Phelan asked Ryan Mc Elhinney to design his new salon, located in one of the most talked about mixed use developments inBirmingham called The Cube, Ryan didn’t think twice. Of course, there  was the previous collaboration on Adee’s salon in Covent Garden with its enormous success which set the standards for the new project. Adee gave Ryan absolute artistic liberty and in turn Ryan gave Adee a mind blowing salon, full of pop references, amazing art, vintage furniture and a strangely familiar charm; much more than a cliché salon, the 4000 square foot space leaves you totally breathless. You cannot but simply admire the way everything has been put together, transmitting a sort of unexpected coziness, full of small details and not so small surprises!
Ryan explains, “This is the second salon that I have created for Adee. I know him both as a friend and a client so that creates a lot of trust between us both. I think the main idea behind anything I design is that I look at what I need to achieve in a practical sense, then I have as much fun as I can creating, alternating and sometimes placing amusing twists in between all that is expected. All I knew was that I needed to create a space where people felt comfortable and could get the best treatments possible. Adee said that as long as there are 24 hair stations I can do whatever I like. Most salons you see are very generic and safe in their design which is perfectly acceptable. I think a visit to the salon is about more than just a hair cut. It’s an experience. I want people to leave Adee’s place with a fantastic hair but to also say: wow I had my hair styled sitting at an artist’s easel where I felt like a living painting. Or my hair station was a beautiful 100 year French oak dresser that was formerly part of the library at the Coal Exchange in Wales. I want them to say they saw an eight foot yellow King Kong in reception. This makes the experience so much more personable. Mix this with great service and the best hair cut you have ever had and you have a recipe for success. 

Besides designing, I also owned and still do own four bars with my family so I understand the crossover between design and what a customer expects from his or her experience. I had an idea of the shape and feel of the space before I started but each piece is a found object so my shopping trips dictated the end result. I try not to plan what I do as I feel that it restricts me. I know when a piece or object talks to me and tells me that I should buy it and make it a part of my interior.

I used a great guy called Mark Doohan from FCH Architects. We worked very closely and he took my vision and translated it onto paper. It’s amazing how much architectural planning and work goes on behind the scene.”

Adee has partnered up with Terence McDermott, a local gallery owner who has kindly donated work from his various artists. McDermott galleries has been based in Birmingham for 18 months now and formerly operated from the prestigious Mailbox. It has represented some high profile names, including leather artist Mark Evans, The Killers’ artist Paul Normansell and the internationally renowned Dave White. They have also held major exhibitions with the likes of Peroni and John Lydon. The artwork chosen for the salon includes works by Alicia DubnyckyjRyan Hadley (He’s Caught a Rabbit!) and Dinah Dufton. Among the artwork, there is a piece from Terence’s personal collection which is an artist’s proof of Andy Warhol. The original was created with freehand aerosol on canvas by ‘Temper’, the sensational Graffiti artist.  Each month the salon will become a living gallery space and the easels and walls will be used to showcase up and coming artists.

Story from: Yatzer

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