Acciaio Series 2 by Max Lipsey

Max Lipsey has made an evolution of the Acciaio series furniture built from bicycle tubing. “The original inspiration for the furniture is the lightweight, strength, and elegant geometry of a classic racing bicycle.” 

Acciaio, Italian for steel, derives it’s name from the most important element of the works: the lightweight steel tubing borrowed from the world of bicycle framebuilding. Max Lipsey has expanded the Acciaio chair series to include a range of larger furniture pieces.” The collection now includes a room divider, medium wall cabinet, side table, large lamp, and low cabinet with table.

“Re-interpreting the form language of the bicycle, Max Lipsey expands the Acciaio chair series to include a wide range of larger furniture pieces and lighting that use steel tubing, perforated plate and natural leather. The perforated surfaces accentuate the works’ lightness and use semi-transparency to obscure contents and surrounding space. The seed of bicycle geometry also leads to faceted surfaces and new angles that break away from traditional forms.” 

Read more: Max Lipsey

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