Aesop Ginza by Schemata Architecture Office

Yet another inspiring Aesop shop has been completed. This time in Ginza, Tokyo and designed by japanese architect Jo Nagasaka of Schemata Architecture Office who also made the other Aesop shop in Tokyo and the amazing Aesop newspaper kiosk in New York.

The space is of an old shoe shop and consists of exposed red brick walls and desks with timber tops & shelves. Integrated in the interiors is brass detailing such as in the shape of sinks and taps.

Jo Nagasaka explains, “We renovated the 35 year shoe shop “Milano Shoes” into new Aesop Shop in Ginza. The owner of MIlano Shoes put the brick tiles on the facade of the shop to create a “high-quality mood. But when other tenants of upstair moved into the space they hated the bricks and painted them. Then we designed brick interior in honor of “Milano Shoes” .

Read more: Schemata Architecture Office

Photo by: Alessio Guarino

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