All Around The World Watch By Crispin Jones




Just stumbled upon this great watch by Crispin Jones at the Dezeen Watch Store.

All around the world is the latest design by British watch brand Mr Jones Watches. Crispin Jones has created a timepiece that tells the time in eight different cities on one watch face.

Each city is represented by an illustration of its most famous architectural landmark: the time in London is marked by Big Ben; in Paris by the Eiffel Tower and so on. To mark the minutes a tiny red pigeon, the universal city dweller, flies over the top of each landmark.

The eight cities and buildings include:
San Francisco: the Golden Gate Bridge
Utah: Salt Lake Temple
Chicago: Sears Tower
New York: the Statue of Liberty
London: Big Ben
Paris: the Eiffel Tower
Istanbul: Blue Mosque minaret
Moscow: St Basil’s Cathedral

The watches are of a limited edition of 100.

Read more: Dezeen


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