Bloomberg Meeting Space by Lazerian


Manchester designer Liam Hopkins of Lazerian used waste cardboard from media company Bloomberg to construct a meeting area inside their London headquarters.

The recycled cardboard was pulped and reconstituted into triangular sections, which combine to create the cave-like Pupa structure. The curved form wraps around a 14-seat table that also has a surface of tessellated cardboard. The legs of the table and surrounding chairs were fabricated from dismantled timber pallets, while the padded chair seats are covered with leather offcuts.

From the designers, “Pupa is a habitat by Liam Hopkins of Lazerian within Bloomberg’s London headquarters made from reclaimed cardboard and pallets. The form and aesthetics are inspired by natural habitats – cocoons, bee hives, spiders nests and weaver birds nests. The ceiling assumes the appearance of a shelter; snug and cave like, but also references the vaulted ceilings of church naves.

The numbers which can be extrapolated from Pupa reflect the almost Sisyphean task faced, whether by human, bird or insect, to create these sort of  structures:

      • 3,972 triangular cardboard borders make up frame
      • 3,972 triangle inners fill the exoskeleton providing the cover
      • 180 wooden pallets taken apart for chair frame and legs
      • 11,000 nails removed from wooden pallets
      • 252 leather offcuts from make up the chair seats
Constructed in triangular sections Pupa utilises the structural and acoustic properties of cardboard. Computer design techniques were used to generate the form and the individual components were then extracted from the virtual model to create flat layouts that are glued together by hand.
The original Bloomberg cardboard arrived in damp bales so was pulped and re-constituted at a John Hargreaves factory in Stalybridge using machinery originally installed in 1910.
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