SM05 Reissued from Pastoe

The Dutch furniture manufacturer Pastoe has reissued an updated version of this classic wire chair created for the company by Cees Braakman (1917-1995) in 1958.

SM05, which at the time of its introduction was one of the first chairs to be manufactured from steel wire in its entirety, has been adapted to fit current sensibilities – ‘slightly elevated and thus adapted to the present time, people being taller now than in the past’ and is available in either black or white finish.

More About the chair:

Cees Braakman, Pastoe designer, designed the SM05 wire chair back in 1958. It was one of the first chairs to be made entirely of steel wire. Later on, armchair-style versions also came on the market, with or without armrests. This special wire design gives the chair a spatial effect. The cushion (black or grey) on the seat and the shape of the backrest make for a comfortable seat. Pastoe originally launched the SM05 in partnership with the Tomado company.

Cees Braakman has been a crucial figure for Pastoe, creating a clear and coherent collection of furniture conceived as functional objects, which put Pastoe on the map. The reissue of the SM05 is testimony to a great designer. The SM05 was introduced during the Milan Design Week 2011 and is available from May.

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