Origami Office Facade by Manuelle Gautrand

Just steps away from Paris’ famed Arc de Triomphe is the Origami office, whose façade is modeled after the traditional Japanese art of paper folding.

The unusual location of the site led us to design a project that would embrace and take advantage of the view and immerse into the natural light,” explains architect Manuelle Gautrand. “An emblematic showcase of the building – the main façade is mostly glass – is partially covered with a second-skin that has a screen-printed marble pattern.’”

The façade resembles a delicately folded marble slab that can be seen from the inside as well as exterior. The panels are mounted on a double layer of glass, with their patterns emphasizing the veins of the marble. While initially Gautrand intended to use marble, she later opted for a screen-printed marble that was more aesthetically controlable.

The building was created with two parts: a more transparent 20-m-wide section facing the street, plus a more private rear extension and courtyard in between.

Read more: Manuelle Gautrand

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