25hours Hafencity Hotel by Stephen Williams Associates

Architects Stephen Williams Associates have completed a hotel that looks like a shipping warehouse beside the harbour in Hamburg.

Named the 25hours Hafencity, the hotel features a ground-floor lounge with gridded markings on the floor and a conference room inside a freight container. Visitors check in at a desk of plywood boxes and can pile up their luggage on industrial trolleys.

Each room comes with a trunk that hinges open to reveal a desk stocked with drinks, a logbook, information packs and electrical sockets. A boxing punch-bag and bespoke sit-up chairs are all that comprises the hotel gym, but neither is sheltered from the rain. A row of telephones boxes made from salt-bleached driftwood house Skype booths for guests, while a printer can be found inside a rusty metal cage.

The hotel is located in the Hafencity development area in southern Hamburg.

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Story from: Dezeen


One Response to “25hours Hafencity Hotel by Stephen Williams Associates”
  1. Mike says:

    Cool that place

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