Clamp Organiser Tree by LAYERxlayer

The Clamp Organiser Tree by LAYERxlayer is the solution to organising items/tools that are commonly used and need to be within reach, without cluttering your desk or table.

The tree comes in three colour ways and are all handcrafted from poplar and maple screws. Each tree is unique and have branches placed differently on each tree as in real life.

“We’re not concerned with trends or nostalgia – we care about quality & craft.” says LAYERxlayer, “everything is handmade – our pieces may take a bit longer to complete, but maybe that’s a good thing. We use the highest quality materials to ensure that what we design will get better with age, as most things worth holding on to should.”

LAYERxlayer is the collaborative studio founded by Patrick & Leah. To us, “Made in the USA” means contributing to the domestic economy and partaking in meaningful work. Both Leah & Patrick design and (currently) make every single ‘LxL’ branded product – so I guess you should say that we’re “Handcrafted in the USA” rather than “Manufactured in the USA.”

Read more: LAYERxlayer


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