50projects _ 25objects + 25spaces Exhibition By Nendo

25 products and 25 interiors carefully selected from the 230 projects nendo has created in its 10-year history will be shown in a solo exhibition at the Roppongi AXIS Building in Tokyo.

The exhibition, which occupies the AXIS Building’s two gallery spaces, outlines the concepts and processes for each design…
Nendo stacked transparent, hollow carbonate sheets to make a wall in front of each item displayed. This creates a pixelated effect, and means that viewers have to go around the back of each ‘wall’ to see the work. The degree of pixelation varies with the angle through which viewers look through the polycarbonate, providing a constantly changing vision of the work as viewers move around the gallery space. Some ‘walls’ overlap, creating an exhibition environment in which the view changes like a kaleidoscope.

Read more: Nendo

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