Nanushka Shop by Sandra Sandor

In the Castle District of Budapest, the Nanushka shop was created to contrast traditional retail spaces.

Created by six architecture students – Daniel Balo, Zsofi Dobos, Dora Medveczky, Judit Emese Konopas and Noemi Varga – the store features a billowing ceiling with a cocoon-like effect. They were led by head (student) designer Sandra Sandor, who sought inspiration in the contrasts between rusty, rough, smooth and soft surfaces.

‘We created a rigging system for the 250-sq-m canvas that would drape the interior by pulling wires below the ceiling,’ they explain. Inspired by wedding tents and gathered raw materials like cotton and linen, the resulting ceiling installation stretches from the front to the back of the shop.

The floor is made from firewood logs sliced into 3-cm-thick rings, laid meticulously over a three day period. Meanwhile, display stands were constructed from rusted steel racks, adding to a barn-like effect. Hungary-made Ballon lamps keep with the organic, soft flow of the space.

Read more: Nanushka


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