Royal Mail Redesigned Packaging by Bunch and Schober Design

UK based graphic design duo Bunch and Schober Design have redesigned the packaging concept for Royal Mail, UK.

They explain, “No matter how old one gets, receiving a letter or a package is one of those small pleasures in life. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of a trip to the post office. Dingy and crowded, and rarely homogenous in their surroundings and products, post offices are never uplifting.”


“We can’t redesign the whole company – or tell it how to run its offices – but we thought that a clean redesign and clear branding of its products, envelopes and packages, was a perfect and obvious starting point.

We decided to simplify the design. The packaging should be uncluttered so as not to overwhelm the contents – but we want to keep traditional elements of the Royal Mail identity. Our idea was to colour-code each type of delivery service so the products are instantly recognisable to both sender and recipient. We also added icons to the products, so each service has an actual identity, which adds to the recognition factor.”

“We broke down the categories as follows:

Domestic: red with an outline of the Queen’s crown jewels (taken from the Royal Mail’s logo)

International/air mail: blue, with the traditional, beloved and iconic stripes of the old air mail envelopes.

Special delivery: yellow, with forward facing arrows.

We decided against colour blocks and went for pale tinted hues to make it easier to write addresses legibly and for the postman to be able to read them correctly. It was important for us to remember that, although we wanted the design to be aesthetically pleasing, it also had to retain strong practical elements.”

Read more: Bunch Design


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