Farming-net Collection By Nendo

Japanese design studio Nendo have just released news of a new series of objects which they’ve created for the London gallery Carpenters Workshop Gallery.

Called the Farming-net Collection, it’s comprised of a number of sculptural objects made by heat-forming agricultural nets ordinarily placed around fruit and vegetables to protect them from harm caused by wind and animals.

“The nets are stronger than organdy but more flexible than wire mesh. Using them as a sculptural material allowed us to evade the traditional necessity of combining structure with a separate surface material, to create a thin membrane that stands independently, but also floats gently on a breeze.” Nendo explain.

The flower vase and bowl wrap the air like a furoshiki Japanese wrapping cloth, whilst the lamp softly emits light rather like a traditional Japanese paper lantern.

Somehow ancient in gesture, yet modern in appearance, this action of gently wrapping something with close attention paid to the surface textures endows these objects with a very particular sense of expression found only in Japan.

Read more: Nendo


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